Frequently Asked Questions About Wonder Reef

Access to Wonder Reef is limited to visitors who are participating in diving activities. Divers can either:

  • Book a dive tour with a permitted dive tour operator; or
  • Book the public mooring and obtain a permit to enter the Wonder Reef dive precinct online. Fees apply.

On-the-spot fines apply for entering the Wonder Reef dive precinct without an appointed dive tour operator or permit, and for failure to comply with permit conditions.

There is one public mooring available for use by independent and club divers. Note that there is a two-hour time limit and that a permit is required before accessing the public mooring. There are three moorings for use by permitted dive tour operators.

If there are divers in the water and/or the vessel will not or cannot leave, please take details of the vessel and contact the Wonder Reef team on 1300 465 326 as soon as possible. Council will take follow-up action.

If you have booked the public mooring, you can cancel and obtain a refund if the booking is cancelled at least 24 hours before your booking start date and time. Refunds incur a $1 per booked diver administration fee. It is highly recommended that you research at least two days in advance to ascertain if the diving conditions are safe. If you need to cancel the booking within 24 hours of the booking start date and time, you must apply for a refund to

For bookings with dive tour operators, please contact them directly for information on cancellations and refunds.

Wonder Reef is not suitable for inexperienced divers without a guide.

Permitted dive tour operators may require their clients to have a certain level of training and/or experience to dive or snorkel Wonder Reef. Please check with the permitted dive tour operators for further information.

All divers using the public mooring must have a recognised scuba diving qualification/certification. The dive leader must accept the permit conditions and confirm that all divers have an appropriate level of training and/or experience to carry out the planned diving activity.

Like all new purpose-built reefs, Wonder Reef will take time to establish and attract marine life. Over time, marine life will continue to colonise the reef, transforming it into an even more spectacular reef. The City has partnered with marine experts on coral transplanting of suitable local species to help accelerate marine growth and encourage the efficient establishment of new fish communities. The City will be monitoring the marine life species as they establish. Stay afloat of the evolution of the reef by subscribing for updates. Learn more.

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Yes! The Gold Coast has a wide variety of natural and artificial reefs and shipwrecks. Dive into our experience page for more information.

Users must follow all conditions of their permit or commercial activity agreement.


  • Visit Wonder Reef precinct without a permit.
  • Anchor your vessel.
  • Undertake fishing activities including fishing, netting, spearing, killing or removing marine life.
  • Remove, damage, deface or interfere with any infrastructure, signage, buoys and any other items within Wonder Reef precinct.
  • Conduct unauthorised business activities.

Penalties apply. The maximum fine is $718 on each offence.