Experience Wonder Reef

Welcome to a new world of wonder

Dive the world’s first buoyant reef just minutes from shore where nine underwater sculptures, towering almost 22 metres above the sea floor, move like giant kelp. Pause at different depths of this vertical drop dive to witness the ever-changing ecosystem, the deeper you dive. Explore swim-throughs with Indian scad bait fish, giant gold-spotted rock cods, Queensland groupers, and sequined mulloway and admire the flourishing coral as it evolves over time. And don’t forget to take a photo on the underwater landing platform to capture memories that will last a lifetime. This underwater adventure awaits for all levels of divers in one of the most spectacular locations on earth.

A wonder like no other

A mainland shore dive just 10 minutes from the city

Home to scores of marine animals and six species of coral

Depths at 8, 18 and 30 metres, to suit every level of diver

A design wonder

Discover the features of this engineering and design marvel.

Explore the Gold Coast dive trail

The Gold Coast is a diving mecca with Wonder Reef floating the number of popular sites to 11. Devoted divers adore this region for its water temperatures which hover between 18 and 26 degrees, its schools of grey nurse sharks who flock to the protected, deep waters, as well as more than half a dozen close reefs. Discover shipwrecks like the Scottish Prince replete with remaining whisky bottles, just five minutes away. Elsewhere you'll find cliff faces and rocky reefs of boulders and bommies, home to soft and hard corals and sharks, rays, turtles and nudis. Dive in as little as five metres or as deep as the free divers who are plunging to 70 metres below.

At 2.5km offshore from Philip Park, The Spit, Wonder Reef is the start of the Gold Coast dive trail. For more incredible underwater adventures follow the trail to:


Wonder Reef


Palm Beach Reef


Wreck of the Aquarian


Kirra Reef


Wave Break Island


Snapper Rocks


Gold Coast Seaway – The Spit


Cook Island


Wreck of the Scottish Prince


9 Mile Reef


Mermaid Reef

We're serious about safety

Preparing yourself is key for ensuring a safe dive where deep respect for the ocean and marine life need to be considered.

For more safety information, please download the pdf.

Discover Wonder Reef

The Wonder

Discover how this vibrant vision came to life.

The Reef

Be enchanted by an evolving ecosystem supporting a range of marine life.

Journey to another world

Whether you’re an independent diver or looking to book a dive tour, a wondrous adventure awaits.