Latest Ecological Findings

The latest ecological survey continues to show that the Wonder Reef is supporting a thriving and diverse marine community below the surface!

The ecological report of Wonder Reef highlights the thriving marine ecosystem surrounding the artificial reef. The reef’s pyramid foundations are covered in marine growth, including turfing algal species, hydroids, barnacles, and crinoids. Surveys conducted in November 2023 revealed turfing algae, sponges, and crinoids as dominant morphotypes, with consistent findings compared to previous surveys. Thirteen fish species were documented during the survey, indicating a reduction from the previous observation but consistent with warmer months. Rhabdosargus spp. and Diagramma spp. were among the common genera observed.

The report emphasizes the development of the artificial reef ecosystem over time. Within 12 months of installation, small encrusting species predominated, while after 24 months, larger species such as sponges, crinoids, and soft corals became more common. The community on the reef’s structures is expected to continue evolving, attracting a greater variety of subtropical reef species over time.

Furthermore, the report suggests that the reef is fulfilling its objectives outlined in the Long-Term Monitoring Program (LTMP), serving as a dive attraction, fostering appreciation of marine life, promoting local marine biodiversity, and providing research and educational opportunities. Ongoing observations will offer further insights into seasonal changes in fish activity and the reef’s ecological development.

On top of this, we have regular reports of schools of stunning Eagle Rays hanging around at Wonder Reef !

Published: June 17, 2024