Monitoring our Whales

Listening out for whales

The City has collaborated with Griffith University’s professor in Humpback Whales, Dr.Olaf Meynecke, to help further understand and gather data on Humpback whale communications, migration patterns and frequencies.

In order to monitor this, the Reef has a permanent Hydrophone (an underwater microphone) installed in 2022 to capture Whale sounds throughout our Gold Coast Marine ‘highway’. With the Wonder Reef being located 2.5kms off the Gold Coast, the hydrophone is perfectly positioned to capture a range of sounds from the Humpbacks as they travel North and South during their migration periods. 

Dr Olaf Meynecke said: “For the first time in Australia, we are able to live-stream sound from a new reef system and we have also been able to deploy hydrophones recording whale songs for the past two years. In partnership with the City of Gold Coast and support from Gold Coast Dive Adventures and Sea World Foundation, we can now provide education, monitoring and attraction for divers to Wonder Reef capturing the acoustic landscape of this unique feature on our Gold Coast.” If you want to read more about the amazing work that Griffith University is undertaking click here 

You can listen to some sounds that have been captured by the Hydrophone here !



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