The Vision

A new tourism experience

Wonder Reef sets a new bar for ecotourism experiences, creating significant habitat for our magnificent marine life and a wondrous dive experience. This new underwater frontier aims to inspire greater appreciation of our marine environment and provide opportunities for globally significant education and research.

A new reason for visitors to stay, play and dive on the Gold Coast.


Capacity building initiative for the dive tourism sector and boosting jobs for locals.


Creating 32,000 cubic metres of new reef habitat.


Foster greater appreciation of our marine life and the natural environment.


Providing opportunities for citizen science and research partnerships between government, science, education and tourism industries.


Raising the profile of the Gold Coast as a premier dive destination.


Dive deeper

Discover how the vision was brought to life.

Journey to another world

Whether you’re an independent diver or looking to book a dive tour, a wondrous adventure awaits.