The Reef

The wonder of evolution

Wonder Reef, designed to attract a myriad of marine life, is already home to dozens of fish species and destined to flourish even more with time. Coral fragments, collected from local established reefs, have been carefully transplanted onto the Wonder Reef structures to kick-start coral cover and establish a functional and diverse ecosystem.


See the reef’s evolution from the arrival of the first algae and barnacles, followed by smaller fish and then their predators. Imagine a future underwater wonderland where turtles feast on algae, dolphins hunt for food and larger species will follow.

Wonder Reef experience

Be enchanted by the nine towering reef sculptures, home to an ever-evolving ecosystem that is set to thrive over time. Head to our testimonials to see what people have to say.


Help to protect the marine life and reef structures by observing the conditions of entry to Wonder Reef.


  • Obtain a permit for access to Wonder Reef precinct through Book Now.
  • Observe the 5 knot speed limit.


  • Visit Wonder Reef precinct without a permit.
  • Anchor your vessel.
  • Undertake fishing activities including fishing, netting, spearing, killing or removing marine life.
  • Remove, damage, deface or interfere with any infrastructure, signage, buoys and any other items within Wonder Reef precinct.

View the booking terms and conditions on the link below.

Journey to another world

Whether you’re an independent diver or looking to book a dive tour, a wondrous adventure awaits.